"You protect those you love"

My name is Janet Thatcher

and welcome to my site,

Ligerwolve Designs.  Click here to view my original art.


The Art in Hyperrealism

Internationally recognised for her hyper-realistic depiction of wildlife, Janet Thatcher uses a variety of mediums in a unique way to capture texture, lighting and feeling.  Her work now hangs in homes all over the world.  She has been featured on television and in magazines and her work can be found in galleries.  Often asked why she pursues hyper-realism when a more traditional approach would work to create something more painterly and obvious she states "   I have always been drawn to this technique, it defines me as an artist, but not in the way most people think.  Those tiny details, the way the light hits it, the way it flows and moves enthrals me.  I was toddler when I first developed a love for the unnoticed beauty of it.  People will say 'its not real art, its just a replica of a photo'.  If only they knew!  What I add, create and imagine does not exist in the reference image.  I take something and I expand on it.  I want it to be believable, I want it to fool you, but don't be decieved that its just a replica."