A little piece of the wilderness you can bring home

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be out on safari right now!  Trekking through the wilds, possibly having that incredible moment where you get close and personal and live to tell the tail!

Sadly, all too often, the closest we get is all in our head.  The price can be prohibitive to say the least, plus there’s finding time off work or trying to juggle kids.

Or perhaps there is someone you’re missing.  Someone you wish you could get close to just one more time.  It’s heartbreaking losing a beloved companion.  I know when I lost my beautiful German Shepherd, Lakota, seeing her portrait on my wall brought me a great deal of comfort.  She is still with me, watching over everything I do.

From pet portraits to exotic wildlife, I specialise in not only capturing the essence of the individual but also the likeness.  I feel a deep connection to my work, not because of any sense of guilt but a connection with living beings.  There is something there and I want to explore what binds us through the use of colour, texture and detail.  I want to create something that will feel like you can reach out, and its real, and you can feel it without physically moving.  My attention to detail has always set me apart and I feel the eyes are the strongest way to reach out to people.  Realism gets a bad rap for being lacking in emotion but I don’t think that’s true.  It captures its audience and catapults them into another reality.  I choose mediums that aren’t always traditional for hyperrealism but that’s part of their charm.

Through my work with exotic wildlife, photographers, and you the client I have managed to create a collection that will brighten your home and add that touch of ‘wild’.
Watch Janet at work here:

What Others Are Saying:

“I opened up the package and cried, the likeness to my cat was amazing. That piece is my favourite of all the bits I have of yours. Kitty is 17 and is very likely she will pass away soon. She is 'my' cat, rather than a family cat and we have had her since she was tiny” – Astra.

“The pastel on velour is amazing, the detail and likeness to my pet was spot on!
My surprise water colour of my Dalmatian is my favourite piece. It really stands out and I’ve had so much positive feedback” - Erin.

“Your artwork has pride of place in our family room. It has inspired my daughter who wants to be an artist "just like Janet". People who visit compliment us on the beautiful photograph, then gasp and do a double-take when I tell them it's not a photo!!!! My dream is to have one of your pieces in every room” - Cath.

“I adore my water colour of an otter! Janet has captured my little otter so well; the light touching his whiskers, the sheen of his wet fur, and his bright inquisitive eyes. I always love the way Janet captures the depth and expression in any animal's eyes, and I'm utterly thrilled to have this hanging on my wall”