The Rhino That Gauged Out a Tattoo

On the 3rd of January 2018, the world was shocked by a story involving a zookeeper that was said to have been gored in the arm by the Rhino she was working with.  The zookeeper who no longer works with the rhino has asked Australian Hyper-realism artist Janet Thatcher to tattoo the rhino so that it complimented her scar as a constant reminder of her relationship with the rhino.  The zookeeper said “the Goring was media hype and it was a training accident that most arms will come second in a nudge from a 4-tonne animal. It was because of poor media the back lash was so great, almost broke me, not Kei my beautiful rhino but the back lash” 

Commenting on the Tattoo, Janet Thatcher said “We placed the tattoo so that it met the scar, so that when she looked at her arm, she saw something beautiful without trying to hide it.  This was part of her story and I wanted to help her embrace it and help mend a broken heart”.

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