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In past blogs I have opened up a little about my life and how I came to be an artist which has been warmly received.  The feedback indicates that people would like to hear more about my day to day life.  I hope you enjoy reading this tiny snap shot and feel free to comment below with your own time challenge's.  It can be a hard, long day and often not what people imagine an Artists life to be like.  So today I have pulled up an old unpublished piece.  The average day in the life of Janet.  A single, artist female.


The alarm is blaring...

I blink trying to remember why there is such an intrusive loud sound in my life.  I look at the clock, its 6.30am.  Time to get up.  I go and wake my children and start the day.  Jerry Lee is bouncing ready to go out and meet up with his friend (a Currawong, which is a native black and white bird that lives around these parts).  When the coffee machine starts making its awful grinding noise I'm happy to hear it.  I breathe in the scent of fresh coffee and then its time to get the kids off to school.  They're still young enough its all a hands on, whir of activity, "where are your socks?" kind of event but eventually we are all heading out the door.  

Its a pleasant if not chilly walk to get them to school, but it helps me wake up a little more.  I'm always rushing to get them there but once they're gone it feels terribly silent.  So I look up at the mountains which peeks at me from behind the houses.  Thats something I do whenever I feel like I need to centre myself.  They're unmoving, silent and a piece of untouchable wild.  

Jerry Lee is waiting for me when I get home and crying.  It makes me smile, sounds a bit like a turkey to me.  I hang up my coat and open the laptop at my desk.  Just outside my window the plum tree is starting to become covered in delicate white blossoms and silver eye finches are playing between its branches.  

The coffee machine is on again.  

Around me lay commission pieces, my latest artwork and a scattering of pastels.  I remind myself I need to organise my desk again.  Jerry Lee is getting comfortable on my feet.

I quickly run through my emails.  I answered a handful last night but already my poor phone is telling me it can't display all the activity.  I check in with the groups I belong too, answer a few questions and then start working through the various social media sites.  I pull up a draft of my latest newsletter, blog and Facebook.  These are done at the same time so they all connect.  

I stretch, its lunch time already.  

I jump off the chair and pull out the seven pieces I have on the go.  I set the lights up and start taking photos so I can document the different stages.  

I grab a slice of toast and then start to arrange the piece I plan on working on.  Its a watercolour so I complete a layer or two and leave it to dry while I go pick the kids up, but first, Jerry Lee has had enough sitting around.  He's stayed by my side the whole time.  I grab his leash and we set off.  Its a welcome break, fresh air and today I spot a little skink trying to sun itself after a long winter.  

We make our way home where I leave him to chill out while I collect my children.  I add a couple more dabs to the painting before racing out the door again.  I greet my neighbour who is doing the same and stop to talk to another who is interested in attending a workshop.  

My children are excited to get home and hungry, so dinner is now on and they have been hugged and kissed and are watching television, exhausted after a long day.   Quickly while there is time I write and send off a variety of magazine articles, media blasts and entries.  My youngest has wandered down stairs to ask me questions and I try listen to her as she unloads the days events.  

The oven bell sounds and its time to put away the paper work for now.  After everyone has eaten there's baths and books and all the end of day things to be done.  Eventually everyone is tucked in.  Jerry Lee and I wish them good night.  

Time to work!  

Jerry Lee takes up his place at my feet and I pull out the large pastel piece Ive been working on for the last few weeks.  I sip my coffee while I set up.  Lights, pastels, reference materials and so on.  I click the tv on and change the channel to a show about tattooing.  I like to race them.  See how far I can get in the time it takes them to complete their challenge.  By the time I look up from my painting its almost 2am in the morning.   I clean up and open up the laptop.  There is a few messages and emails already and it seems simpler to get these out of the way first.  Jerry Lee is gone.  He puts himself to bed at midnight, curled up with his duck.  

I crawl in to bed thinking the paint on my cheek can wait till morning, setting the alarm for 6.30am as I go.  



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  • Hi Janet,
    Thanks for sharing your day with us i often wondered how you managed your amazing work of art and as a mother with young children to find time for self?

    Julie Brereton

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