Well it has been a long time since I have had a chance to sit down and write one of these.  I cringe as I type this!  The end of 2018 brought many commissions, tattoos and a heap of art crammed together.  

I am looking forward to sharing some images with you over the coming months as I get the okay from buyers.  Many are a surprise so I like to wait for clients to confirm.  I am thoroughly loving the tattoo side of the business as well.  Clients are booking in advance to come in and get some wildlife art inked!  Its quite lovely to be able to sit down with a client while I draw and just chat.  Not something you usually do with fine art.  Galleries handling most of the interaction.  

This year too is going to be given quite a shake up.  Expect to see some cool things in the coming months.  Workshops are unfortunately on hold for the time being (with the exception of one on one) allowing me the chance to complete some major works.  Including a 2.5 x 1.5m pastel piece!   Commission slots too have been halved.  So please get in contact in advance if you are after a custom piece.

There is a current competition on Facebook, when we reach 1000 followers every person who has liked the page (old and new) go in to the draw for a signed print!  Only 73 more likes to go.

We have a photographer booked later in the year for some awesome images AND long awaited videos.  Hopefully with a little help you can expect to see more snippets and documentaries posted.  

Mostly you are going to see a shift in the flow of the social media pages.  More artwork.  More insight.  

Thank you for your continued support, expect a new blog in the next few days on defining hyperrealism and its artistic value.  Something I am pretty passionate about!  

All the best,


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